Space has no limits. Do you?


Project Details

2016: NASA sends OSIRIS Rex into space

•2020: Successful landing?

•The mission: recover material from the regolith

•Regolith?The rock blanket (ice, dust, etc..)covering the surface of BENNU


•What is the composition?

•What can it tell us about the beginnings of our own planet?

•What was Earth, before atmosphere and geological features changed it forever?

Bennu: an Egyptian icon of rebirth

•Asteroids contain metals that shaped our present and will design our future

•Asteroid mining = trillion dollar business•A more special asteroid than most-it’s close…

•…maybe too close

•Bennuis 500m wide, taller than the Empire State building

•And predicted to hit Earth in 150years

•An asteroid this size = chaos

•Worst case scenario? Mass extinction

•Find out all about our friendly neighbourhood asteroid, of course!

•In2023, OSIRIS Rex returns with its precious cargo

•Then we can uncover:

•Rebirth of our species?

•Or utter destruction?

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