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Jet Pack as a grasshopper

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Mobility on Mars is a real challenge. You are limited by the weight you can bring with you from Earth and the radically different environmental conditions prevent us from using the vehicles we are used to. Moreover the terrain can be rough and an exploration team cannot risk the life of an astronaut by sending him and his vehicle into unknown and difficult to access places. Despite these restrictions, we would not want to go all the way to Mars and not being able to explore a crater that could contain the answers to a lot of our questions, would we?

Flying on Mars is very difficult due to the thin atmosphere and hovering with a Jet Pack uses a lot of propellant that we need to make, store and transport. Therefore, our solution proposes to use a Jet Pack as a grasshopper. It means that the astronaut would use a short and powerful impulsion to induce a leap. The main objective is to be able to access the bottom of crater or explore an upper plateau and any other location that is hardly reachable with common vehicle but are definitely worth a visit.

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